Best Grill Light 2021 Reviews

Best Grill Light 2021

You don’t need to settle for substandard lighting when grill lights like this one are on the market. With powerful, high-density LED lighting capable of working over 30,000 hours; it’s easy to keep grilling even after the sun goes down. You’ll create an optimal working environment, one that gives you the visibility you need for safe grilling.

Most people find this piece’s design offers exactly what they need for outdoor grilling: Multifunctional versatility, durability, practicality, and simple style—all at a great cost. It’s easy to get the lighting you need with the KOSIN 2-in-1 Super-Bright LED BBQ Grill Light.

Best Grill Light 2021

1. KOSIN 2-in-1 Super-Bright LED BBQ Grill Light

KOSIN Grill Light, 2-in-1 Super-Bright LED BBQ Grill Light with Magnetic Base & Adjustable Screw Clamp – 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck, Weather Resistant, 3 AAA Batteries Included – 1 Pack

If you don’t mind the size, gooseneck lights with a clamp or magnetic fitting options are the best grill lights on the market. This style gives you incredible versatility and inherent strength.

Customers love the ease and efficiency of this piece. It features a single funnel-style light head with 12 bright LED bulbs, capable of producing over 100 lumens.

Choose from using the powerful magnetic base or adjustable screw clamp. Both options provide a strong, secure fitting to your grill and do not require any tools. The 22.2” steel gooseneck is capable of 360° positioning.

Just like you’d expect from a grill light, this piece can operate in a variety of situations. It’s heat-resistant and waterproof thanks to its aluminum alloy construction, making it great for outdoor weather and hot grilling conditions.


  • Produces high-density light
  • Features a long repositionable gooseneck
  • Has a quality construction


  • Not a compact grill light

2. Life Mounts All Weather LED Barbecue Grill Light

The Life Mounts All Weather BBQ Grill Light has one of the most unique looks, but this distinct style offers an incredibly low price.

This piece almost resembles a flashlight because of its cylindrical body and single-eyed light. This is a powerful light, with an ultra-bright 300-lumen LED beam that has an adjustable focus. It’s strapped to a 360° rotating rubber mount, which is suitable for virtually every grill on the market because of its universal attachment straps and patented flex mount.

This is a heat-resistant and weatherproof model with an IP44 weather rating. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you can’t be disappointed with this basic model that promises to be the right fit for any grill.


  • Fits a variety of grill models
  • A highly affordable option
  • Built to withstand harsh elements


  • Made to be fitted to grill handle

3. merajab Grill Lights for BBQ-BBQ Lights for Grill

Most customers that buy the merajab Grill Lights agree about the quality and efficiency of this product. This item is packed with features that make your grilling experience pleasant and error-free, and the myriad of happy customers reflect this.

The magnetic base is a real asset when you want a quick installation. This is a no-fuss option for instant positioning and a secure, enduring fixture for virtually any metal grill surface.

You’ll get optimal light illumination thanks to the 24 super bright LED lights and the flexible 4.5” 360° rotatable gooseneck. This gives you freedom to position these lights however you need based on your grilling setup.

Each element of this item is compatible with outdoor, high-heat use. The base and body are made from lightweight, heat-resistant aluminum alloy, allowing you to grill in any situation.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Can be used with any type of grill
  • Easy to fix to any metal surface


  • Doesn’t include batteries

4. Yukon Glory Bright and Durable Magnetic LED Grill Light

The Yukon Glory Grill Light resembles the kind of practical lighting you’d expect to see in your home. This doesn’t look like your normal outdoor light, yet it has all the essential features that make it suitable for outdoor use.

The light is 100% waterproof, made to deal with the heaviest rain, hail, snow, or sunlight. This isn’t the case with all grill lights, but this Yukon model is highly durable.

You also get the selection of fixing the light via the strong magnetic base or the table clamp. When combined with the extra-long, rotating 23” gooseneck, these features give the ultimate range of positioning options. You’re not limited to handle use, but you can fit it anywhere convenient for you and your grilling setup.

Since this is such an inherently versatile light, don’t feel restricted to grilling; use this light around the yard, in your garage, or in a dim basement. This light is fabulous for areas that require strong, directional lighting.


  • Extra-long flexible neck
  • Can be fitted on metal surfaces or tabletops
  • Includes 2-year warranty


  • Isn’t small and compact

5. FIREOR Barbecue Grill Light Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED BBQ Lights

Get ready to grill for customers, family, friends, or neighbors with your KitchenAid Propane Gas Grill. This sparkling, stainless steel beauty will have people oohing and ahhing over more than just the food you grill on it. It’s a marvel to look at and a terrific appliance to cook on to boot.

Fire it up using the battery operated ignition system. It starts up in a snap and heats up even faster. Heat retention is optimal thanks to the stainless steel used in construction but what you’ll really love is the 71,000 BTUs of fire-roasting energy used in the burners.


  • Quadruple burner harness the power of 71,000 BTU for fantastic grilling
  • Constructed from stainless steel for excellent heat retention
  • Battery operated ignition provides fast and simple start-ups
  • The cooking surface offers lots of room


  • Requires more than 1 person to move
  • Higher price point can turn off some buyers

6. Renhan LED Barbecue Grill Light

The Renhan Barbecue Grill Light operates similarly to other rotational clamp lights, but with a few differences that could affect your ultimate choice of grill lighting. Like other similar lights, it’s multifunctional, uses high-powered LEDs, and attaches to the grill handle.

Yet, the area where this model differs the most regards its positioning. While you are free to use this piece on any grill brand and it’s meant to fit most grills, unlike other 360° rotational models, this Renhan piece only rotates horizontally for 90° and 180° vertically. This is an important difference and could affect your grilling experience.

As you’d expect you get a high-density light, 10 individual LEDs form clusters for optimal lighting, and the piece is both heat-resistant and waterproof. You can’t complain with these features, especially when it comes at such an affordable price.


  • Includes a money-back guarantee
  • Built to withstand high temperatures
  • Features 10 powerful LED lights
  • Produces wide beam, glare-free lighting


  • Only has a 180° horizontal rotation
  • Made exclusively for handle positioning

7. Zeust Sirius 2.0 Barbecue Grill Light

When you’re grilling, you want tools that can withstand the heat, so plastic may not be the first material you think of when considering a grilling light. The Zeust Sirius 2.0 is made from a particular plastic that can withstand temperatures up to 550°F.

You’ll quickly learn what makes this light so great: It’s completely waterproof and comes with a melt-proof guarantee. It features MeltGuard Technology, a nylon construction reinforced with glass and uses a zinc-alloy metal clamp. This isn’t a flimsy plastic light; it’s built for durability and comes at an affordable price.

Because this light is so durable, you won’t have to worry about how it works when you’re not there. The IP55 rating shows the light can weather any outdoor condition—snow, rain, or heat—so you won’t need to remove the light every time you stop grilling. Just place it and leave it for ultimate convenience.


  • Can be fitted without tools
  • Comes with 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Includes 2-year no-melt guarantee


  • Designed only for handle attachment

8. Weber 7661 Handle Grill Light

Get a grilling light that looks as stylish as your grill. This Weber 7661 Grill light conveniently fixes to your grill handle, and because of its silver design, it looks like it belongs there.

All it takes to operate this discreet item are 3 AAA batteries, which can power-up your Weber handle light for 20 hours. The 3 LEDs provide plenty of light for nighttime grilling and the tilt sensor is designed to light up or switch off automatically when you open or close the grill lid.

Although this grilling light is specially made for Weber grill models such as the Summit, Spirit, or Genesis, it can be detached from the handle and used as a flashlight when needed. The high-powered LEDs work especially well in low-light conditions and are built for long-term use; you can expect over 10,000 hours of operation from these quality lights.


  • Easily fits to the grill handle
  • Features a tilt sensor for automatic lighting
  • Uses high-powered LEDs


  • Made to fit only on Weber grills
  • Doesn’t include batteries

9. RVZHI Barbecue Grill Light

If you want an alternative to the magnetic base grill lights, this RVZHI BBQ Grill Light is an excellent option. The dual light is fitted with 10 individual LEDs for optimal illumination.

Use this light in a variety of outside situations. Its durable nylon glass fiber construction is heat-resistant up to 356°F and it has a waterproof rating of IPX8, which clears it for light rain.

It’s easy to install this cordless RVZHI model. The adjustable clamp makes fitting this light to your grill handle a simple process with no tools needed. The same simplicity applies to operating this light because the single on/off touch button requires little effort.

Adjust the lighting position by repositioning the light head, so it’s exactly where you need. This head is capable of 360° rotation for ultimate flexibility; you can change the angle anytime you need.


  • Has high-powered LED lights
  • Easy to install
  • Has a small, portable design
  • Can be used in a variety of situations


  • Isn’t good in heavy rain or snow
  • Only suitable as a grill handle attachment

10. WeberLight Handle Grill Light

This handle light provides a discreet, compact way to light your grill surface. Like other handle designs, this light is made for direct fitting on the handle, not any other part of the grill. While this comes with limitations, especially since this item is only suitable for use with Weber grills, it’s a specialist piece that does its job well.

The built-in tilt and gravity sensor gives you added convenience. There’s no need to feel around in the dark for the on switch; simply lift the grill lid for automatic illumination or close it to switch it off.

The durable ABS casing allows it to function in high-heat environments without warping, and the acrylic lens promotes optimal light transmission. Overall, this is a highly functional light, although WeberLight recommends you tighten the screws as much as possible to prevent water from getting into the device.


  • Comes with touch-free automatic lighting
  • An affordable option
  • Provides a discreet lighting option


  • Only suitable for specific Weber grills
  • Back installation could let in water

11. Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light

Get illumination with the touch of a button with this Brookstone Grill Light. This handle light offers the compact convenience of other handle-type designs while utilizing a lighting tube rather than a narrow head, so you get the best possible lighting.

Although the high price point may deter some people, this model comes with various features that can help justify this price. It’s easy to fit this model to practically any grill handle, regardless of the make. The adjustable aluminum clamp and the pivoting design allow you to position the light tube however you need.

Its weatherproof, water-resistant design makes this piece incredibly durable. This is because of the polycarbonate casing, and while plastic may seem less suitable for high-heat conditions, this light’s polycarbonate construction is built to withstand the heat.

The unique strip design allows for extensive lighting, and the LED bulbs live up to their long-life reputation.


  • Built to be waterproof
  • Includes auto shut-off
  • Uses unique strip lighting


  • Comes at a high price point


It’s easy to understand why lighting is an important part of grilling. If you’re out in the noonday sun, you won’t need to think about additional lighting since you’re surrounded by bright light, but what happens when that changes?

Create the right brightness in low-light, substandard conditions using the KOSIN 2-in-1 Super-Bright LED BBQ Grill Light. This weather-resistant, heat-resistant aluminum alloy light is suitable for positioning on or around your grill, allowing you to grill any time.